10 year challenge – Down the memory lane

#10yearchallenge - you’ve probably heard of it, perhaps stumbled upon one such challenge while going through your Instagram’s, Twitter’s, or Facebook’s feed. Only a few months ago it was trending over the social media universe. And everybody was doing it, from celebrities to your friends and family were taking on this challenge, open your feed and find it flooded with the pictures of the challenge. But, should it only limit to what you looked like a decade apart? It can’t be merely about sharing your photographs 10 years ago vs. now.

A decade is a long story to tell and by the end of which you come out as a total stranger to who you were at the beginning of the story. Where 10 years ago you would’ve never thought of having a pet and now you have two, you had this whole plan laid in front of you for the next 10 years but now you’re on a completely different journey, you’ve turned into this amazing person you never thought you could ever be. Those ten years were full of dreams, ambitions, plans, discoveries, fantasies, you had this amazing person in mind you wished to transform into one day. There’s growth, changes, highs and lows, experiences- good plus bad, basically a whole picture book of unforgettable memories and moments - all of that in one story.

How often do we recall what we went down in that story? How far we’ve come? How many battles we’ve fought? What version of ourselves do we come out at the end of the story?

Right now the world is big chaos caught in the clutters of COVID - 19. As everything comes to a halt and several countries go on lockdown, our lives seem to have pressed a pause button and everything that is supposed to be important is not anymore. The next meeting scheduled is not the topmost priority, schools and colleges shut, industries closed, all the weekend plans canceled. People stuck in different countries or states flying back to their homes. And all that mattered was to be at home, safe and alive.

The pace at which we were running in our lives before Covid-19 breakout seems to have been not just entirely lost but also forgotten, it appears as if we were living in a constant loop and draining ourselves in the pursuit of materialistic things, never breaking the loop to sit and enjoy selflessly, to live in the moment without rushing on to tasks after tasks.

Imagine sitting with your old buddies going through the old pages of your life, recollecting some old stories, some silly, some fun, some boring, and laughing as the all the moment comes rushing back into your mind. Everyone adds a little to every story, to every memory because you’ve lived and created those moments together. It’s like you’re watching snippets of your own life, only the snippets are a little hazy, little blurry and definitely not on your TV or mobile screens.

Usually, people say “It feels like yesterday” but does it? The desperate wish to live them again and the inability to do so makes them so surreal that it doesn’t feel like yesterday. There are so many firsts and the lasts. First time riding a bike, first swimming or tennis class, first time on stage, first fracture due to a stupid, clumsy fall, first beer, first-ever relationship, first job, first bike or car, and the list goes on…! Last time playing with friends, last exam, last day of school, last time seeing a friend. And over the years you’ve overcome so many fears and challenges fought so many battles with no hopes of surviving but you did, you discovered pieces of yourself, you’ve evolved as a person in that period of 10 years.

The whole time while we were busy building and chasing things in the name of so-called success and happiness, we fail to notice the little and the big highlights of our journey. So intricate that we don’t realize, those highlights have shaped us into what we are right now, right at this moment.

And if it weren’t for the lockdown situation we would still be pacing up and down the room, worrying about some stuff, as we realize now, hardly matters. With everything happening around us this apparent pause gives an opportunity to take a seat, relax, and live in it because the moment gone is gone forever, but it lives within ourselves.

The moment can be relived. Again.

Write your moment, the story that you think is worth telling. And if there were #10yearchallenge about your life, what story would you tell?