10 year challenge – Down the memory lane

#10yearchallenge - you’ve probably heard of it, perhaps stumbled upon one such challenge while going through your Instagram’s, Twitter’s, or Facebook’s feed. Only a few months ago it was trending over the social media universe. And everybody was doing it, from celebrities to your friends and family were taking on this challenge, open your feed and find it flooded with the pictures of the challenge. But, should it only limit to what you looked like a decade apart?

Ever Changing Realities

Author’s Note - This post was part of imagining how the author would recollect the Covid 19 pandemic 10 years from now. Hence the post is written as a remembrance. I never thought that this would turn out this big of an event in world history. News about Ebola, SARS and all sorts of virus lead contagious diseases flashed on the news channels every year from all around the world and especially from China.